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However you haskap, you can't go wrong.

Fresh, frozen or pureed, we’re proud to offer this
delicious superfood in a variety of preparations and sizes.
Get creative with your haskap berry recipes.
Frozen Haskaps

Open up a pouch of Canada’s super berry and you’re immediately greeted by beautiful deep indigo fruit, bursting with flavour and polyphenols—the most of any berry in the world. Perfect in yogurt, smoothies, or even on their own as a snack. Minimally processed with zero added sugar or preservatives, these frozen haskaps are non-GMO and 100% Western Canadian.

Vitalaberry Gourmet Haskap Topping

From bakery to barbecue and everything in between,
this versatile gourmet haskap topping makes a delicious complement to a range of dishes. Minimally processed
with barely any added sugar, Vitalaberry Gourmet Haskap Topping is non-GMO and 100% Western Canadian.

Buy Bulk Haskaps

For retailers, restaurants, and commercial processors, we have bulk haskaps available in several preparations. Frozen, pureed, or as a gourmet topping,
our haskaps will brighten your customers’ days—and their meals.

To see our bulk offerings, download the Catalogue.


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